DUI in California

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One of the biggest reasons people are stopped and arrested in California is because the police charge them with DUI charges which are of course charges relating to Drinking Under the Influence and that influence is alcohol. Although some people think that a Dui charge is minor and that they can easily get off it, those people are greatly mistaken as a DUI charge can be very serious indeed, depending on the circumstances. It is therefore always best to hire a DUI attorney Santa Cruz CA if that is where you live or another local DUI attorney.

Obviously, if the DUI charge is in relation to an accident, the consequences can be more serious than if no accident is involved but even if the alcohol level is very high, the charges may also have serious consequences even if there was no accident. However, there are many mistakes that police may make when making the charge which an experienced DUI lawyer can recognize and use in your defense in order to either get you off completely or at least lessen the penalty.

Because the California police are known to make mistakes, it is important to contact your attorney as soon as possible as they may even be able to get the charges dropped even before you have to appear in court. Depending on the circumstances a Dui charge can be either a misdemeanor or a felony and an experienced attorney will try and at least make sure that the actions against you are the minor ones.

Of course, if there were injuries or even deaths involved in an accident where you were charged with DUI, the punishment could be very severe indeed and you may even face some jail time but even then an experienced DUI attorney may be able to get you a far less sentence, perhaps even one that does not include any actual jail time.

Although any attorney could perhaps deal with your Dui case, one that is experienced in handling Dui cases is more likely to secure you the best results, especially if they are a DUI attorney from that area as they will know the irregularities that that particular police force are known for and any irregularities in Dui charges can be used in your favour either in court or sometimes even before then.

Ultimately there are several different punishments that can be applied to someone found guilty on a Dui charge and those punishments can range from a fine or attend DUI courses to loss of your driving license and even jail. Although any specialist Dui attorney will try and get all charges dropped, if they are unsuccessful in doing that, they will at least be able to get you least punishment which hopefully will not include any jail time at all.
It is a known fact that the people that receive the harshest sentences in Dui cases are those that do not hire a Dui attorney and try to handle the charges on their own.